The TreeKing’s strong design allows it to tackle the gnarliest trees with diameters up to 30”. The real benefit comes in it’s equally incredible ability to handle small wood down to 3”, eliminating the need for a big-wood and a small-wood head to do all your cut-to-length processing.
No matter what’s in the pile, the TreeKing can handle it. Increased fiber recovery is realized with the nimble ability to handle poor log profiles (gnarly wood) in the boreal forest.


Ergonomics and simplicity of use reduces operator fatigue. The TreeKing uses less repetitive operator inputs, effectively cutting down on the occurrence of fatigue-related mistakes and accidents.


In keeping with the theme of less moving parts, the TreeKing also employs an in-house designed & manufactured non-contact linear measuring system–the KTI Controller.
This cut-to-length feature operates a quick stroke of the head and a cut. Easy to operate and extremely accurate — every time.


The innovative design of the TreeKing has allowed KTI to offer even more benefits. A perfect combination of mechanics and hydraulics allows the TreeKing to bring nearly 18,000 ft/lb of delimbing force into action.
This industry-leading innovation allows operators access to processing capabilities which surpass traditional-style processors.


The long, drawn out, expensive wait for your new head is over! The connectivity of the TreeKing design allows for seamless carrier interface. One pressure and one return line as well as a power cable is all that are required to install the head.
It uses the existing hinge pin on the carrier and requires no modifications to the boom itself.


KTI has invested over 50,000 hours of product testing with the TreeKing before the first Canadian head was manufactured. The 1500 hour limited warranty is a testament of KTI’s confidence in a winning product.
This unprecedented machine, its design, and productive ability is leading the forest industry. Whether you’re processing big or small wood—the TreeKing is your answer.